See Your Website's Responsiveness

Desktop (1600 x 992px)
Laptop (1366 x 800px)
Tablet (768 x 1024px)
Mobile (360 x 640px)

How JustResponsive Works

  1. Add your URL to the input field
  2. Select the device viewports you want to check
  3. Select your desired background color
  4. Click GO (reloads the preview) or press Enter (reloads the page)
  5. Admire your good work


  • http://localhost/ works so it's great for taking screenshots of local development URLs
  • Send someone a link with your site already embedded by using ?url= - example
  • Draggable viewports for customised arrangements.
  • Now you can check the responsiveness on any site with a single click.
  • No/Minimal browser and device compatibility issues.

I'm always trying to improve the tool so please tweet me your feedback on bugs and suggestions.

About JustResponsive

JustResponsive is a result of a time saving exercise by Elly Wambwa. As a full time web developer I thought (and still do) this tool is necessary to ease a few of my everyday problems, here are the two main reasons I developed this tool:

  • Being a full-time web developer I take a lot of screenshots of the various device breakpoints for responsive design to post them on my portfolio or sometimes to share them and doing this manually takes a while. JustResponsive allows me to take website images quickly with less hassle!
  • When sharing a projects progress with my clients, JustResponsive can be helpful for showing my more visual clients what I mean by responsive design and how responsive their website is on a sample of different device viewports and guess what! JustResponsive makes these clients happy!

It is however necessary to note that this tool should only be used for preliminary use as it is not a testing tool and hence it is really important that you test your work on real devices. This instead is a tool for quick screenshots (for me) and to visually allow people to “get” what you mean in client meetings.



1366x800px scaled down to scale(0.3181)


768x1024px scaled down to scale(0.3181)


360x640px scaled down to scale(0.3181)

A note on the viewports

The viewports I have chosen are based on the devices that I thought were most common as at the time of developing this tool. Apologies to anyone out there who is unable to find their desired result. If there's enough of a desire I could do a suite of other devices. Just let me know if you have any comments or suggestions to make JustResponsive more accessible and better!

Chall 🙂!

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